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IV Vitamin Therapy in Surrey, BC

Welcome to the Drip Lounge in Surrey, BC. We offer comprehensive treatment plans by our Naturopathic physicians which may include herbal or vitamin/mineral supplements, food modifications, lab testing, acupuncture and/or IV vitamin therapies. Start your health journey with us! Book your initial consultation today for an evaluation and assessment!

At our location in Surrey, one of the many services we offer includes cutting edge intravenous (IV) vitamin solutions for patients of all backgrounds. We know that innovative solutions are needed for improving health and well-being, which is why we provide the option to include IV vitamin therapies for the Surrey area. IV therapy is an effective and easy way to improve your health and recover from a variety of medical conditions, and has been proven to work time and time again. When you walk into our Surrey location, you will be helped by a caring and knowledgeable team of IV professionals who have years of experience in providing our services to patients. In addition, our state of the art clinic offers only the newest technologies in a clean and organized space.

One of the best benefits of receiving IV therapy to improve your general health is that it provides a way to get nutrients that oral and intramuscular methods don’t provide. Please be advised that IV therapy may not right for you and is one of many different therapeutic options available to our health team. Suitability will be based on evaluation with one of our Naturopathic physicians.

If The Drip Lounge and our team sound like a great option for your specific medical needs, then call us today for more information! We offer Naturopathic and IV services for people from all walks of life, and promise friendly, professional, and expert care at our Surrey location. If you still have more questions about the benefits of IV therapy or our different options, then we welcome you to book an initial consultation with one of our Naturopathic physicians for a consultation session. Our team knows that finding the right treatment method for your health can be confusing and difficult, so we take the time and effort to find the perfect solution for every one. See you soon at The Drip Lounge!

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